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GLB2Scout was built based off a MMORPG (Multi Member Online Role Playing Game) of American Football, that allows you to create players, teams, strategies and tactics. While playing the game, I noticed many flaws in the game that didn't allow users to play the game with ease. It took too long to play and people were leaving due to this. I decided to then build GLB2Scout, which datamines the game's website and stores said data in my database, which I recall and display to members of GLB2Scout for a perfect companion to the game. Listed below are the major functions I created based on the lack of fuction in the game itself.

  • Admin Dashboard : Shows membership information and overall site statistics
  • Strategy Room : Allows you to view your playbook and tactics side by side, in addition enables you to import/export into the game
  • Strategy Library : Displays a list of all public/private playbooks and tactics
  • Team Scout : Produces a readable report of play calling tendencies and metric data of each play called
  • Play Analyzer : Queries a report that shows how a certain play does against other plays
  • Virtual Roster : Enables a GM/Owner to build a roster around a salary cap
  • Power Ranker : Power ranking system to show who the best teams are
  • Virtual Player : An application that allows live edits of a player to see how a build effects skills.
  • Fantasy Game : A mini game that lets you draft players and score fantasy points
  • Historical Data : A report that recals historical data from previous seasons
  • Player Stats : Tabbed report that will allow you to see specic stats of players
  • Watch Party : A page that shows all the games of the day and links to results or live games