Memory Walk Graphic



A close friend reached out to me to help with a graphic to apply to a t-shirt. There were a few requirements that followed in the design

  • Must be 'Aggie' themed
  • Must not infringe upon Alzheimers logo's
  • Must be unisex in nature

With these requirments in mind, I decided to come up with a completely unique logo to start. The 'print' is a hybrid of a shoe tread in the back and moving towards a toe print to give an idea of 'humanism' in the logo. Given that it must be 'Aggie' themed I made the logo white on maroon. Like so many other Aggie shrits, this one was also intended to be maroon, but wasn't a must. The other addition I added was the heart in the bottom left of the print to symbolize love in the heel (or root). This design was then mass printed on many shirts for their group to walk with.


A Close Friend